XP Grants are obsolete


Reason I say this is: It only gives 250 XP. A quarter of a tier, out of ONE HUNDRED. You would need EIGHTY XP Grants just to get to Tier TWENTY.
You know what you gives you more than that? Challenges. Not only that, but XP Boosted challenges. I can get through several tiers with just one XP boost than I can with a few XP Grants.

An XP Grant should be there to save me time instead of a meaningless boost that I’d be better off using it’s counterpart. It should be a single tier for each grant, enough that it doesn’t trivialize an XP boost, but enough that it doesn’t feel just… There.


I just use XP Grants when and if I get any of them. Other wise I’m fine with just getting 3000 a day every day thanks to exp boosters and playing around 20 matches a day, first six of which giving bonus exp that also gets doubled by the xp booster.

I hit Level 100 in about 4-5 weeks, of which the battle pass was suppose to last six months. With just about an hour to two hours a day of play time. I did of course get a few challenges in that just happen to kick in while I played, but I only played games I wanted to play.

This is probably the most ideal way to level up too, as it got me to 100 quickly, but I could play whatever I wanted without worry about accomplishing stupid challenges.

The only time challenges get relevance is if there’s a weekly item I actually want to acquire.

Yeah that’s fair. I still think they’re fubbernuckin’ worthless, but I’ll still use it, mostly because, well, any progress is some progress, but it should certainly be better.

I tend to take my time, partially because I’m uninterested with grinding my teeth as I get kicked in my shins by experienced veterans, but also because the gameplay loop does get old for me. I only hop back in when there are cool events that come around like Entrenched and the coming Alpha Pack event. Latter mostly because of the Morrigan helmet.

If they gave a random value from 200-1000 that would be better.
Typically recieving the lower end.

Or I would rather have challenge grants.
Extra challenges after the weekly challenges are finished.

You get them from leveling or completing regular challenges.
Or from matches after weekly challenges are done.

I think the reason they exist is for XP boosters to have something to be compared to. Consumer psychology. Plus you get 100 with the premium battle pass. It seems like a bargain, but caveat emptor.

I honestly really like that last one, though the challenge system itself is… Bleeh, so I personally wouldn’t enjoy it.

EDIT: After some thought I think I’d still go for challenges, as they’d simply be consistent. Consistency is very important.