XP given at end of match


Thank you for updating the XP system to give 50 XP per completed match. My critical feedback is this. Why does the losing team and winning team all receive the same XP? And further, why is the XP system so stingy and limited compared to the system from MCC? In MCC we get bits of XP for every medal, as well as challenges and for completing matches. This encourages and rewards good performance in game. It seems like an obvious omission to me. Why dumb down the XP earning for the next gen Halo? Bring a modified version of what we get with MCC. Let’s reward players and teams that perform well with more XP.

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I’d answer, but I need to cool off first. I’ve spent too much time in the “nefarious plot” rabbit hole.

They claimed its a temporary fix while they tidy the system up.

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I love the “Thanks for the Xp after every match now” posts.
Mostly because if people actually take the time to do the math they would find out that they are actually earning less xp under the “50 xp per match” than they were under the old system.
Example: 5 games under “50 xp per match” =250 total XP
5 games under the old system= 400 total XP
But hey, YAY for xp after every game. lol

I lost track of your point there. Are you arguing for or against 50 XP per match…?