XP for seasonal progression needs be changed!

Having multiplayer progression locked behind seasonal content is totally fine by me. Seasons in games aren’t going anywhere, but what really bugs me about the Halo Infinite Season 1 content is that progression is locked behind challenges.

Halo has had a score system in place (via medals) for a long time, and adding an arbitrary challenge system to reward XP seems way out of left field. From the outside looking in, the obvious answer as to why it was done this way was for monetary reasons. Make season hard to progress in game = more people will spend money to progress.

I strongly believe that the XP reward system should be reworked to include medals and the entire end of match score. By that I mean:
Medals and match score = XP

For example, a double kill medal will give you X amount of score, which when added with your other medals for the match would equal Y amount of XP. I’m too new to post images but here’s a quick imgur link:
imgur. com/a/17iOCry
What I’m proposing is that the XP acquired from the match above would be 2,785.

I understand that this would make things too easy and essentially break season progression. To solve this, simply make the season levels require more XP. Something like 10,000 instead of 1,000. Even though it is more XP to level, it would probably take the same amount of time as grinding challenges as they are now.

I do in fact like the challenges system, but my problem with them in their current state is:

  1. Too little XP
  2. Albeit creative, they take players away from the match, while they instead focus their challenges
  3. Some players quit matches once specific challenges are completed.

Challenges as they should be in my opinion:

  1. One or more big weekly objectives with big XP rewards
  2. Daily objectives with moderate XP rewards
  3. Objective not completed unless the match is finished

Every time I finish a match in Halo Infinite I feel disappointed and unrewarded. If I don’t complete a challenge then all I get is a match complete which is 100XP. For me, playing 10 matches for a season level is outrageous and even though I’m having fun, I have already considered dropping the game multiple times. Seeing that my gameplay, medals, and match score have no impact on my multiplayer progression is slowly killing what should be an extremely positive experience.

I usually don’t feel strongly enough about game or their systems to post about them or give feedback, however this time I decided to speak up. Thank you for reading!


I agree entirely. I never usually buy any micro transactions in free-to-play games, but after my first couple matches in Infinite I was having so much fun I was willing to make an exception.
But I’m glad I didn’t buy the pass immediately, because after getting almost no xp after a five hours of gameplay, I realized it would be a huge waste of my money. I would be totally willing to pay for these passes if I felt they actually presented any value, but as it stands, it seems you have to pay even more on top of the battle pass if you want to unlock anything in a reasonable amount of time, so instead I am not purchasing anything.
While I would personally prefer to just buy the game once and have access to all battle passes like in MCC, I assume a complete change in the monetization model is not an option. As such, we should at least be able to progress in the season at a rate comparable to MCC if we have to pay for it now.


They should make the daily challenge an actual challenge that give you from 100-500 xp at least. Also it’ll be better to have xp based on your performance per match.