Xp earnings

This is something that is way off, if you ask me. You earn 5950 for completion a spartan ops on heroic with 4 players but you earn less if you play by yourself, i mean what? shouldn’t you get more points if its harder? also, in my opinion you should get more points for being victorious in a multiplayer game vs completing a spartan ops mission.

Spartan ops: 3750 points for victory
Multiplayer victory: around 500 points.[/color]
I think you should switch those around because it causes 1. farming. 2. slow ranking up for those who wishes not to farm.

I often find myself going for spartan ops because of this reason.
I have unlocked the Fast Track module but it doesnt solve the gap and gives me even MORE points for playing spartan ops. now im getting about 7000 points all the time in spartan ops vs getting about 3800 points in multiplayer.

This is the only big issue I have with the game at the moment, and please, stay on topic here. I know how you Floods are, if you are here. :wink:

I like it because it keeps the boosters off of the MM and it gives everyone a chance to lvl easily. The whole lvl system after 50 is quite forgiving, i am at 121 and i did not really grind i was just working on the enemy comds so i could get the shoulder pads i wanted. So i would have to say let it stand as is, because if you put it where you had more exp in mm then the grinders would go there more, and you would be complain about that in threads.

If you use the xp aa you can get around 7k xp for spartan ops, yes that is a lot, but in truth once you start playing you need a few spec to be able to hang with every one else. Remember they are trying to gain new players as well as keep us vet’s happy. so you got to give a little to gain a little. what do we gain, lots more noobs and easy kills lolz.

Rabid Kiwi

Well Crimson is a team and not just one person so I’m guessing the XP drop is to confiscate for that, even though you completed by yourself which is harder then with 4 people, you still didn’t do it as “Crimson Team”.

Or your probably get more xp because of potential network issues that can occur and all that xp is for battling the lag that you may or may not receive :stuck_out_tongue:

i think its fine. because honestly the only thing thats going to matter soon enough is commendation completion.