XP Cap Info.

So earlier (3:30PM EST) my friend got XP capped (he had double xp).
Earlier today I got capped at around 9PM.

He just got back on (1:15AM), and he is able to level up, but I can’t. I was under the impression that it reset at midnight? And I figured if not midnight, then like 3 or 6 AM. But he’s reset.

So I am getting that it is a timed xp lock from when you reach the cap? And if so, does anyone know how long it is?

Does anyone know?

I don’t know, they need to lift the cap while running this double xp. It makes no sense to reward us with double xp and then penalize you for playing half the matches to cap. Really 343?

this happened to me as well, literally just made a topic about it lol.

but i started gain XP then it just stopped as if i was capped again

I know this is terrible. It’s the reason I got off tonight.

So was wondering if anyone knew how long you have to wait to earn exp again?

It resets the same time the daily challenges do.

You are welcome.

The XP cap in BS.

Good day and/or night.

I don’t see the logic behind an XP Cap. I should say I didn’t even know it existed until this topic, but honestly, if I paid for a game, am willing to play it, why should my returns diminish as I do?

Would it make sense that the game didn’t let you play level 8 because you played 1-7 in a single sitting?