XP cap does need to go.

Alright, so I have been reading these forum posts about how the xp daily cap needs to go and such and I figured, how would it ever be possible to get that much xp. Well, I did it and it made me very sad for I am like a quarter the way through SR49. I hope that they either raise the xp cap or they remove it…

Personally I think they need to remove it, I just don’t see the reason for it.

So some people are playing more and ranking up faster, big woop!?

People are always going to see higher ranks anyway.

Yeah, I was really hoping I would get to SR50 today so I could get my operator specialization but then it stopped giving me xp ):
Guess I’ll just get it first thing in the morning.
I also have a question though, I was using double xp and it only used one once I hit the xp cap. Does that mean that my other 2 matches of double xp are gone?

Those remaining matches will carry over don’t worry.

Alright thats what I thought just making sure, I think I’m going to call it a night for tomorrows a big day.

> I hope that they either raise the xp cap

The XP cap was raised on Monday.