XP Boosts shouldn't persist when not ingame

I believe this has been touched on before by someone.

Currently it seems that when you activate the boost the game grabs the timestamp of +1 hr on activation. This is fine, but I feel due process should be given to reflect time sitting in menus, especially as when you disconnect from matchmaking when the games about to start, your timer is still counting down.

Edit: when the game disconnects you for whatever weird server reason that feels the need to display 3 saparate messages.

Furthermore this is the case when you leave the game. XP Tokens will continue to count down. I personally feel that if these things are going to be treated as rewards, they should only count down for the length of the game itself.

Or if that’s a broken approach in terms of XP gain, change it to an X amount of games boost, seeing as we don’t actually technically earn XP in games anyway.


I made one of the original posts about this but it got buried under all the vitriol. Glad to see someone else agrees.

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100% agree with this. I popped a double xp token and I lost power after a match. Power came on 45 min later and I only had 2 minutes remaining. Hopefully they’ll make it where it only works while you’re currently in a game and not while you’re in a lobby or offline.


Yes I agree as well something needs to be done about this I have had many server problems and wasted many xp boost, its just like COD Cold War it should count down when your actually in game playing and stop when your not.


I thought I’d seen some, i feel like 343 should use a better feedback system rather than a constantly flooded forum. Feedback should be posted and then people can comment a +1 or a -1 on it. Similar entries should be merged or archived, rather than a ‘your post is similar to’.

Exactly! No idea how this is something they need to fix and not just an automatic common sense feature.

The new feedback/support system is a nightmare to use. I had to skim like 4 articles to even get the “open a new ticket” button to appear.

I’ve also pitched other ideas like changing boosts to just double your current active challenges until they are completed. So you could activate a boost, and it would double your 4 current weekly challenges and you could complete them at your own leisure.

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Especially if these tokens are going to be classed as a ‘reward’.

Honestly it seems like an oversight or a weird design choice. I guess programatically it is far similar to store simply that a player has an XP boost active in local storage and compare to the timestamp that was recorded on activation. Then again they could just as easily start a timer and store that on exit.

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There’s a lot they could (and should) do around challenges if they intend to keep it. I think lots of people wouldn’t mind the system existing if it was well thought out.

There is no reason it should count down when you’re in the menus. It should only count down in games, or be for a set number of games (like XP doubled in next 4 games or such).

Additionally, I think they should put a timer under the battlepass in the menus so you can quickly see how much time is remaining on your boost from the matchmaking screen or main menu and stuff.


If you go to Boosts underneath Game List, it’ll tell you how much time is left, but it requires a few extra button presses.

I would say alter the XP Boosts so that they only count down during match time. Then, problem solved. And if you join a match with 5 seconds left on the Boost, you should be given that final game.

There have been a number of times where I have been trying to get into a match and it loads for about 2 or 3 minutes only to say “Dedicated Server issue” or “unable to join” etc. and then I gotta retry again… all of that is time wasted off of some of the only quality rewards you get from the Season Pass.

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Just an extra on this thread.

It does seem that if you go into a game with something like 2 minutes left, you will get the XP doubled for that match. So perhaps the current model counts down and all games that fall within that period are doubled?

Actually… XP boosts shouldn’t exist as they are.
The timer system puts an intense pressure onthe player to ‘min max’ all the challenges (the only thing you get xp from) in this short window of time, creating an addtional layer of stress and FOMO on top of the predatory pay system.

XP boosters should be a “pool of double experience”
basically an xp booster gives say 500xp bonus pool. Then when you complete a challenge, be it worth 50xp from complete a match or 250xp for something actually involved, it pulls an equal amount from the xp pool - to add to it. So your 50xp challenge, nets you 100xp, and your down to 450 in the pool That 250xp challenge gives you 500, and your down another 250 from the pool.

This would allow players to literally enjoy the challenges and games, without the stress of “omg why are the other players taking so long to load, lets gooooo” or you know, game crashes, automatic bans, and the like making that timer tick away and be wasted.
It could even be programmed to target challenges that give 100xp or more, so you don’t feel like your “wasting” it on those 50xp ‘complete a game’ challenges.

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XP Boosts should just give you 2x XP for then next 4 or 5 matches that you play instead of having a time limit. The time limit is a pain in the butt, it means you need to play Arena for optimal time use, not BTB. You can’t take a break to even pee without wasting clock.


Yeah, but how else are they going to get you to buy more?

-Yoink!-, even the XP Boosters in Battlefield 4 ticked down only when you were in a match.

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XP boosters should be a per match basis since currently some matches can stall the -Yoink!- out so you can waste em real hard. Or in the current system a by weekly challenge clear.


The xp boost should be per match , like one boost gives you 5 matches of double xp.


I know what you mean like when oddball goes to 15minutes.


This is the best solution because the only effective way to gain exp is through completing challenges.

The other suggestions including something like next 5 matches might be only 1 match a challenge is completed, which would be unfortunate.

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That “Double XP for a set number of matches finished instead of a time limit” Tease was juicy but is probably also dirty. Probably only gonna be 5 matches before it expires when I can sometimes get 6 or 7 with the 60 minutes…