XP Boost time needs to freeze while not in game.

I’m thoroughly frustrated with the XP boost countdown not freezing. 1 hour is perfect, BUT I waste a quarter of my boost just waiting for a match, it’s ridiculous.


How else are they gunna make you buy more though?

I’m finding matches instantly pretty much any time of the day (UK time).

Agree they need to make sure xp boosts don’t get wasted though.

100% it should be 1hr of match time. Come on 343i BE BETTER!

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Agree, used a xp boost on the ultimate challenge when i was at 10/15 matches played.

Was at 13/15 with 25 minutes left and when on the 13th match near the end everyone lost connection to the game and i ended up going into my 15th match with 4.30 minutes left.

Needless to say i didnt get my 2x 400 xp.:cry: