Xp boost suggestion

What would you if 343i added an Xp fest on weekends that boost the amount of xp gained between Friday and Sunday

It’d be nice but it feels like another remedy to satiate the flawed challenge-only progression.

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I’d agree, but it might disadvantage players who can’t play games on weekends.

I’d rather they awarded xp in line with medals earned per game. It wouldn’t even have to be a huge amount of xp. Even if it was only 5 xp per medal it would still rack up over time and it would feel great to be rewarded for double kills, bulltrue etc.

Like the Xp system from the master chief collection

That’d be really helpful knowing the current xp situation of the game, xp boost or double xp weekends or maybe even triple xp weekends like once in a while

How about halo reach leveling and credit system