Xp boost not counted

I just played two games, one on escape from arc and one at darkstar. The arc game did not count, I played a full game but there was no stats at the end and when I got on here and looked at my game history it did not show up. I had a legendary xp boost on, it did not count and was still there when I played the next game (darkstar). So I put it on for the game at darkstar, played the entire game and the xp boost did not count this time either but this time it is gone from my inventory. Is there anything I can do? I just opened 250k worth of req packs and that was he only one I received, I’d really hate to loose out on it. Thanks inadvance.

Not sure if someone from 343 read this or not but it’s been fixed. I came back on after a few hour break and the xp boost was back in my inventory. Thanks