Xp boost keeps getting removed!

Over the course of a week now, at random times of day, I have now had FOUR (4) xp boosts taken away from me with tons of time remaining… today being the worst yet… I had 49 minutes remaining going into a match at approx 1pm eastern time and as soon as I finished the match, the booster is gone. No, it’s not invisible or still active and I just didn’t see it… it’s completely reset and gone!! How do I know? The option to use another xp boost isn’t greyed out and I can activate another boost. This is garbage of the highest level!!

I’ve been trying to finish the last of a battle pass, so there’s a reason I kept using boosts after I kept losing them, but 4 times now and there isn’t any server outages and I’m able to keep playing? Come on 343… this is trash!

The other 3 times I lost out, I had 10 minutes remaining, 20-something minutes remaining and about 25 minutes remaining. Now, this last time? I go into a match literally staring at the time counting down with 49+ min. left on the “battle pass” screen where it shows the active counter, I finish the match, get the 300 xp plus bonus 300xp (600 xp total for first match of the day completed with a booster active) and the timer is now gone! Like wtf?!! I can understand a screw up on a day with server issues, but 4 times over the course of the last week? No. Unacceptable!

I don’t care if a “beta xp” is rolling out tomorrow… I paid for these boosts and they’re taken away. Who do I have to contact to look at my account to see this bs is happening? Who do I talk to to resolve this? Im inches away from uninstalling for good, so somebody needs to address this situation asap!