Xp bans

I don’t understand why I get banned from Xp when me and my drunk friends always play halo games. They all don’t want to register their accounts on my xbox, so they play as guests.

We’re playing regicide and all the sudden it pops up.

First of all, I am lvl 130, so what in the name of anything am I even boosting?

Obviously not XP cause I am maxed out!

(this isn’t my gt btw)

I am just curious why I get XP banned for having friends play.

P.S…I didn’t know where else to post this.

… you can’t even earn XP when you’re 130. So you can’t get XP banned.

I did anyway…and this is the first time I had my friends play on the same console with me

sounds like one of em went afk.

off topic -

do you play a drinking game? do a shot after getting stuck, splattered, headshot kill, etc?

tis good fun until someone passes out in the bathroom with their lips to the floor :wink:

surrounded by seafood right now.

something smells fishy.

they only ban when multiple profiles on the same xbox or in the same lobby are “boosting”. anyone AFK def makes your more “noticable” so to speak. or if people are just running forward not turnin, shooting, jumping, playing, etc. that doesnt help. whatever you were doing. you werent supposed to be. i play with guests all the time and NEVER get banned. the second i start boosting, i get a message during or after the game. “you have been credit banned for boosting”

needless to say i dont boost anymore.

in halo.