XP and Credits Discussion

So how do you think the leveling system in Halo should be?
I think Halo 4 should have the XP leveling system from Halo 3 but also have Credits for armor upgrades like in Halo Reach.
And Ranked should be like in Halo 3 1-50

This thread is for discussing xp, credits and anything about ranking in halo.
Post your ideas and lets see if we can make up the best system ever :slight_smile:
sorry for my bad grammar. english is not my first language.

XP definitely takes a while to LVL up but it is worth when you get to show off your high rank. Credits just seems to tell you how long someone has been playing rather than how good they are. Armor upgrades should be unlocked by achieving certain feats in Halo 4.

I think they should be completly unrelated. For example, you could lose a match and earn 2000 credits. I think there should be armor to buy and unlock via achievements.

Credits are flawed. They should bring back the Halo 3 EXP and 1-50 Highest Skill.

I prefer to get armour through achieving something.

1-50 for Ranked playlists.
EXP for winning.
Credits should stay but not to buy armor. I can’t think of anything now but there should be something.
I agree with unlocking armor by achieving certain feats.

Overall rank should be determined by Highest Skill + x amount of EXP.
It would also be nice to have playlist ranks again like in Halo 3 which are determined by playlist EXP.

> Credits are flawed. They should bring back the Halo 3 EXP and 1-50 Highest Skill.


I don’t really care what they call it or how big the amounts go up to but it should definitely have the element of EXP in that you are rewarded for winning the game.

Having the same payout simply for completion encourages AFK’ing, stat boosting, team killing, lack of teamwork & overall just plain unsporting conduct.

I think they should bring back the 1-50 from Halo 3, but make it so if you’re having one bad day you don’t drop down 5 ranks.

I think they should keep the global ranking system from Reach, but have a Halo 3-type system running alongside for multiplayer.

That way, everyone who wants a rank they can brag about can get one.

I think xp should be earned by winning matches, but you can earn cash by playing in matches to buy equiptment…