XP and Challenge Display,

Just some things to consider; experience points being earned for kills and wins regardless of the challenges. It’s a little dissapointing when you are the top scoring player in a match and receive no experience for it just because it didn’t complete a challenge. I also think it would be helpful if current challenges were added to the score screen in game so they can be checked. Lastly, a game mode where you can choose your own load outs could add a lot too the multiplayer experience. :slight_smile:

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I think 343 already said they are looking into that.

It does have a negative though. It could make social matches more sweaty, because people will play less casually, because they want that XP. And there are already a lot of complaints of people playing to sweaty in social games. So it has a positive (more XP earnable) but also a negative (less casual games).

Adding your current challenges into the scorescreen (or else the pause screen) would be great. And i hope they then would also add how much you have earned in that match (just like you can see how much CSR you have earned in ranked in your current session), so you can see how many you still need, so you know when you can play ‘normally’ without having to focus on that challenge (and also see how much you would lose if you don’t complete the match).