xLink anyone?

So I’ve been practicing Halo 2 on xLink because XBC just doesn’t want to work on my computer (Yes, I’ve tried port forwarding, disabling Firewalls and downloading the most recent winpcap.)

I’ve noticed there’s no one on there but people from Latin America, and… their hosts are AWFUL. They don’t understand the concept of only two teams. They quit every time they’re losing. They continuously delay the game if it’s something they don’t like instead of just leaving.

So I’m wondering if there are any Americans on there? If you’re American and play XBC my username is DemonReturns.

On xlink I’ve met people from the us and other places besides Latin America. I have xlink and XBC, they both work for me, if you want to organize something with me sometime hit me up on skype

Skype: avo.fan120500

I don’t use skype, any other means of contact?
I’ll add you on here though.

I got aim, xbox, steam, a phone number, email, and a stone.

I’ll add you on Xbox :slight_smile: