XKG (Xtreme KIllers gaming)

Hello everyone.

We are a halo competitive clan and we need 2-3 more players to be ready to go for the winter season. If you want to join but rather not be competitive. We could really use you in practice.


1.) 1.10 + KDR

2.) Must have adequate knowledge of the game.

3.) Must be older then 15

You can contact me @



No one is interested?

Send me a FR, im interested in the competitive part. Also want to join my first clan.

I’ll getcha as soon as I get home mate. Thank you for your interest.

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Winter season of what? Do you need 2-3 more people to fill out 2 four person scrim teams, or is you definition of competitive something different? If you’re serious, add me on XBL I’ll be around and always love jumping in customs.

Also don’t get too impatient with the recruiting section it moves incredibly slow.