XGC Titans Crius Squad is Recruiting

Hello to all 18+ players with a mic interested in joining a clan. I am XGC Ghost Wolf and I am the Lieutenant or Crius Squad, a halo branch off of the XGC Titans. We are a clan that enjoy playing games together and are recruiting like minded players. If you are out there and want others to play with then please add me as a friend my GT is XGC Ghost Wolf. You can add me or if you see me online then send me a game invite. I will not be one of those players that send out spam messages on XBL while you are trying to play I get them too and can’t stand them. So again if you want people to play halo with or if you play halo but want others to play BO2 with we are in both games and are gaining in numbers for a split to Battlefield 3 too.

Hey if you’re still looking for clan members I’d be interested in joining. I’ll be honest, I’ve been away from Halo for awhile, mostly because I played the hell out of Reach, so I’m a little rusty. But I’ve started playing matchmaking again and would like to join another clan. I was in one for over a year before it dissolved so I have experience. I’m 27,I have a mic, I’m very competitive, but also mature, so hit me up at my gt PatientKamikaze. Thanks.

One thread per clan/group please. You can find your original recruitment thread here. Thanks.