XGC Titans Crius Squad is RECRUITING!

Hello I am XGC Ghost Wolf and I am part of Xiled Gaming Community Clan, Titans Iapetus Squad. We are Part of XGC Titans, you may have heard of the clan if you play CoD but we have spread out to Halo 4. We are looking for new recruits to play halo with us. We would like to get individuals that are interested in having fun and are having trouble finding others to play with. We need honest and decent people to play halo with us, if you would like to find others to play halo with then add me as a friend but if you are just going to add me and then trap me into a fixed game I will report you for cheating. We of Crius Squad play Halo to have fun and not put others down, so if you are tired of playing with people like that then send me an invite. We of Crius Squad are also an 18+ gaming clan so just to put that out there and we are tied in with a 65,000+ gaming community clan that also has clans for PS3 and Computers. So if you are interested please add me as a friend and we will get you into Iapetus Squad. We now have a squad that is just for forging so if you would like to join us in XGC to join in the gaming or forging please add me as a friend and I will make sure you end up in the right place.

Hello again and thanks for reading, I am XGC Ghost Wolf and I am part of a great community. We have 70,000+ members and are always looking for more. We are a gaming community that enjoys playing the game. We have competitive clans and clans that are just for the fun of playing. I am the Lieutenant of Iapetus squad that is a squad in the Titans clan. Right now we have two squads dedicated to Halo 4. Iapetus is all about playing for fun and Crius is all about forging. So if you would like to join us send me a friends request on XBL, I have the same name. We do have three requirements though, 1) sorry but you have to 18+( we do have younger clans in the community) 2) You have to have a mic 3) you also need XBL Gold membership.

If your are still good at this point I hope to see you in send me a request soon.

Hello again to all my fellow halo 4 players that are reading this post, I am XGC Ghost Wolf. I am a member of Xiled Gaming Community and I am here today to extend an invitation to any 18+ player, who has gold membership and a working mic. XGC is a gaming community that loves to play video games and a whole lot more. We also extend clans into PS3, PC, and Paintball clans, We are not just one clan since we have clans for 13+ and 16+ members. I am a member in the Titans clan’s Iapetus squad. We are a rank based clan that loves to play games. Right now we have squads that play Call of Duty:Black OPs 2, Battlefield 3, and Halo 4 and we have a forge Squad too. We also have gaming night for various other games, so if you are tired of playing alone and want to find friends that enjoy playing together then send me an invite and I can get you in the right suqad. My XBL name is the same as my post name so send me an invite. I hope to hear from you soon!

Hello yet again, I am your friendly XGC Titans Atlas Squad Sergeant XGC Ghost Wolf.
I would just like to invite like minded gamers to join us in Xiled Gaming Community. We are a group of fun people to play with. If you would like to play with others but can never seem to find others that just like to play like you do then come over and share in the good gaming times. We do have three prerequisites,
1)You must be 18+(if you aren’t we do have younger clans in our community)
2)You must have a working mic
3)You must have X-Box Gold Live membership

If you have all these and would like to join or just play with us on our gaming nights to see if you would like to join us then by all means add me on XBL, my gamer tag is the same.And for those of you that read this and think of other clans that require a certain gaming level or K/D ratio then have no fear we don’t put that kind of stress on joining us we are just looking for good people to play with us. People that just want to game and have a good time.

Hello to all Halo 4 gamers looking for people to play with,

I am XGC Ghost Wolf, and I am a Sergeant in XGC Titans Atlas Squad. I would just like to extend an invite to all you 18+ players that can’t ever find someone to play Halo with and are tired of playing with randoms that either don’t have a mic or turn out to younger and all they want to do is make noises on the headsets. We are a laid back clan we aren’t competitive so if you just want to get to know and play with a good bunch of people then please add me and we can play. I am on most days so just let me know. A bit about XGC, which stands for Xiled Gaming Community, we are a 65,0000+ member community. We have various components from computer gamers to paintball teams. So if you are looking to have fun with fun gaming people then this is your clan. We have our own website so if you are curious and want more info before making a decision, then go here www.xiledgaming.com and I hope to hear from you soon.

Enjoy life and good gaming to all.

Hello and thank you for taking a look at this post.

I am XGC Ghost Wolf a sergeant in XGC Titans Atlas squad. We are currently recruiting for the clan. We are a laid back gaming group we don’t compete competitively but enjoy playing. So if you are 18+ and are looking for a fun group to hang out with and play Halo 4(primarily) then this is your group. A lot of us has the other Halo games so if you want to join or are looking for help with other Halo games then please add me my GT is the same as on here( XGC Ghost Wolf). So I hope to hear from you soon.

hey im interested in joining the clan, im a good player with a positive KD and i know im a level 25 but my other profile (pimpsqueak97) is a 130. ive been in smaller clans before and really enjoyed it and i just honestly miss being able to play with chill community and you guys seemed like the right clan, sad part is im 16 but if you can look past that i hope you can give me a shot. just message me at pimpsquigglez, thanks

Hello to all you Halo 4 players looking for a group of friendly 18+ players. We are that group. I am XGC Ghost Wolf(also my GT) and I am a Sergeant within an XGC clan called the Titans. We are a 65,000 member community. We are a non competitive gaming clan are looking for members who are looking for others to play halo 4 with. If you are interested, we are an 18+ clan and we love to get together and have a good time either playing custom or multi-player games. We also have gaming nights for other mutli player games so if you are tired of trying to find others to play games with then add me and I’ll start you on the path to join Xiled Gaming Community.

Hello, and yes its me again.

I am XGC Ghost Wolf and I am a Sergeant within the Xiled Gaming Community Titans clan Atlas squad. We are an 18+ gaming clan within a much larger community(65,000+) members. We are not a competitive gaming community but we do like to get together to play custom games or multi player games on Halo 4 and among various online games that support multi player games. If you are someone that would like a group of like minded players to play with then we are those people and we look forward to gaming with you. If you are interested then add me on XBL, Gamer Tag = XGC Ghost Wolf

Hello again,

Yes its me XGC Ghost Wolf and I am recruiting for XGC Titans Atlas Squad. I am a Lieutenant in the squad. We are an 18+ clan with the Xiled Gaming Community. We are a laid back easy going bunch that are not into competitive gaming. We like to get together to play and have fun. We mostly play Halo 4 but we also play other first person shooters. We do have gaming nights for various games that support multi player or custom games. So if you are tired of finding other people to play Games with then add me on XBL (GT is XGC Ghost Wolf) and then we can see if you like the group. I hope to see you then.