XGC Titans Crius/Iapetas Squad is Recruiting

Hello, I am XGC Ghost Wolf and I am part of Xiled Gaming Community. We are an 18+ Gaming community. We are both gamers and forgers. If you are 18 or older, like Halo 4, and have a mic then send me a friend request. If you are just a forger then I can get you into the right squad but if you like to play than by all means this is where you belong. If you can get along with others, not get upset with those of us that may not be top notch players but just like to have fun with others on in this clan than by all means come on over. We also have squads for CoD and Battlefield 3 so if you play all three than this is the clan for you. We are not a competitive clan but you play to have fun. We do have a website and we also run a Halo 4 singles,doubles, and team ladders. So if you would like to friend me I can set you on the right path within the XGC community.

One thread per clan/group please. You can find your original recruitment thread here. Thanks.