XGC Titans Atlas Squad

Hello to all the Halo 4 players that are reading this post, I am Soggybacon2234. I am a member of XGC which is a part of the larger Xiled Gaming community known as XG and boasts over 65,000 members. XGC is one of 5 divisions and is the only 18 and older gaming division in XG. Our other divisions are XGG which is a home for only girl gamers, KOG for our 13+ gamers, XDC is a a division which focuses on web design and helps maintain the XG webssite, and SYN which is our 16+ clan. I am here today to extend an invitation to any 18+ player, who has gold membership and a working mic. XGC is a gaming community that loves to play video games and a whole lot more. We also extend clans into PS3, PC, and real life sports communities. I am a member in the Titans clan’s Atlas squad. Atlas squad has a mixture of gamers playing the 360 and the Xbone. We base our ranks on time with us and activity in the clan, we are not worried about skilled players, just having fun. Right now we have squads that play Call of Duty, Battlefield, and Halo 4. We also have gaming night for various other games, so if you are tired of playing alone and want to find friends that enjoy playing together then send me an invite and I can get you in the right squad. My XBL name is the same as my post name so send me an invite. I hope to hear from you soon!