xFactor Gaming Community is Recruiting

Some call us a community, others call us a clan, but any way you put it, we’re looking for mature gamers to join us. We are a fast-growing social group that likes to win, but we don’t require any K/D ratio to join (hence my membership). We’re always looking for new blood. We all have jobs, families, and lives outside of xbox and understand that you do too. Many of us are on every day, and many (like myself) are only on for a few hours per week, but everyone is Fonzie. There are opportunities for those who enjoy more competitive gaming, and there are also a lot of laid back gamers that just play for fun in our ranks. We also enjoy customs, hold our own tournaments, and will play other clans.

A few criteria if you would like to become a member (learn more on the site):

  • Treat everyone with respect
  • Have a mic
  • Don’t rage when you lose
  • Participate in our forums so we can get to know you (we’re very social)
  • Don’t make fun of my driving skills (optional)
  • Accept invites to gaming parties regularly when you’re on XBL

Feel free to stop by, check out our forums, send FR’s and apply for membership. We want to make sure you’re the right fit for our community just as much as we need to be the right fit for you.



oS Jeremy would like to join. I’m a decent player but really would like a group of players to roll with. Hit me up ballze2@live.com or facebook: Jeremy Kyle Shettler. I usually play Monday night, Tuesday morning and night (at class in the afternoon), Wednesday all day, Thursday morning and night (class again) and maybe a couple of hours on a random night of the week. 1.2 KD and more than a 1 W/L playing by myself right now. BTB, Slayer, SWAT player.