In the bulletin, a seemingly good description of why the grunts look different was given. So grunts are only most similar to arthropods when compared to the over all wild life on Earth. I already knew this, but I didn’t think any form of arthropod like species could have what looks like fat and muscle showing like we have, but maybe that’s just a very disguised shell or something.

The description said the Unggoy would be better described as a xeno-arthropod-type, so how could their drastically different appearance be a lot like arthropods on Earth?

I’m guessing that either their not as shelled in some places of their body as others, they are not shelled all over, or some of their shells have different physical properties such as softer and more flexible.

My worries about a pointlessly changed canon have been relieved, but I still think they could look a little more shelled. The fat, and kind of wrinkly fingers just don’t look right.


It’s not that drastic if you look at the art from halo wars. After comparing the art from wars to the art released for halo 4 it looks like that’s what their basing their art directional evolution off of

Do we really need another thread about this?

> Do we really need another thread about this?

This ones different from the others.

People keep saying they want serious intimidating grunts that they have to be careful of. Why? How could you not want those same funny, frolicking grunts that scream “AAAHHH, THE DEMON!!!” when they see you?

If they are more serious and brutal, that doesn’t mean they can’t still be funny. Also, SII’s are equipped with translators that let them hear the covenant in english, so in Halo 4 campaign we should be able to hear the covenant in english, instead of that annoying, demonic, angry, chatter from Reach.