Xe03 Clan: Recruiting Headquarters

Hello all,

Halo 4 is just around the bend, not even a week away! So Xe03 is accepting recruit tryouts pre-launch in order to be ready for the big day. We keep our clan small, and well organized, so skill is the essential thing needed to join.

Our clan is based primarily on skill. We hold tryouts, instead of being a “Sign Up and Your In” clan. Also, we keep our players active by holding weekly in-clan tournaments to give out clan points, and soon clan achievements.

But you aren’t in it alone. Each player is organized into a squad which they can play with regularly and compete in clan events together. Each squad is an independent part of our group, and you will be placed based on your skill level and preferences to keep our in-games competitive.

If you think you are good, and have any previous Halo game that tryouts can be held on, please go to our site and check out the Joining Section. You can increase you chances of getting in by interacting with our clan on our Forum as well.

If XBL is better for you, message a recruiter at anytime.