Xe03 Clan looking for Alliances

Xe03 has finally decided to open our doors and create an official Xe03 alliance program.

We’re looking for strong, active, and organized clans to become the first of our allies.

We’ll be rewarding our official allies with special, exclusive invitations to our clan events, recognition in our alliance list, and other incentives with more to come.

For fair warning, we have a short verification stage, to make sure that our Official Alliances will be with reliable and active clans. However, it can take as short as a few hours to finish, with almost no effort on your part.

To check out our clan, check out our Alliance Page. You can browse around and view the number of features our clan offers, and if you feel that we are worthy of an Alliance we can get started.


Keep up the good fight!
Xe03 Leader - codePython