Hello friends! So, on my waypoint profile it says my email address is my gamertag and an suffix. How do I check this email? Where do I go to see it? It is not the Live ID associated with my gamertag for Xbox Live gaming and never has been. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!!

You can’t, it is just a default e-mail the site assigns you when you first sign up.

Thanks, Moa. I sent a test email to see if it would be returned as mailbox not available but it was sent through just fine. So, it goes somewhere, I just didn’t know if it was accessible. Guess it’s just part of the ether of the interwebs now. Odd. Especially since you can set Waypoint to notify you by email when people reply to your posts. I suppose you just have to change that email address in your profile. Thanks again.

Yeah I noticed that as well just now. I got beyond excited till I figured theres no way to access it. Bummer. Hopefully they add in the future for certain members or as gold membership reward.