Xbox users how to install flight

I haven’t received any new invite for this flight but as I was in last flight the game updated yesterday and its working now. Just training mode at the moment, me and a team of bots against other bots, but that’s better than nothing!
Does anyone know if multiplayer teams against bot teams like last time is meant to be working or is the multiplayer only for set times this flight??

Anyone who is meant to be in maybe try this and see if it works. The insider hub seems to be down at the moment, I guess because everyone is trying, so keep at it…

  • Install Xbox insider hub
  • Launch and select previews
  • Select Halo Infinite-Insider under available
  • Select join to register for the flight build
  • Once manage appears select it and join
  • Accept t’s & c’s and you will be taken to Infinite insider product page
  • Select get then install

This is how we got the first flight, may work for you guys now

The waypoint beta app is live again now and I have a notification of an invite to the flight but can’t click on it/it doesn’t do anything and I don’t have any messages here. Maybe check the app too and see if you have invites there??

thank you so much, it’s worked to me

I’ve been playing for a couple of hours like this - came here to see if others were doing the same (since 8:16pt)

Glad it’s working, I’ve gotta go to work now so can’t play until later. Enjoy!!

I need help? I got my second email but the link is not loading. It keeps saying something went wrong on 343’s end and I can’t get further. I try going on here, Halo Waypoint, to see if I can see the flight information that I should have gotten here in my inbox but it doesn’t have any new messages. I see everyone else already got in though. :frowning:

For everyone who received the “Head to Waypoint email” (for PC Flighting), go to Halo Waypoint (not the link they sent but the basic website), click your gamertag in the top right , scroll down and click Halo Insider. You will go to a page with your current flights and at the bottom will be a tab with the Halo Infinite Technical Preview with a steam key next to it. You don’t need to wait for a notification on you message box. Insert that key into steam by clicking on the top left tab "Games " and add product key. Happy Halo boys