Xbox Series X + Unable to Match

There is a serious with getting dropped from games when using a Series X on Halo 5: Guardians.
When connecting to a game, it will give a red screen that says “issue with dedicated server”. Quitting the game and/or resetting the console can avoid the issue later, but it is likely to happen the next time you play.

It happens almost every time now. NAT type is Open and I am on a wired connection. No similar issues with matchmaking in any other game.

Have seen multiple other forum threads about this. Halo Support - can you please issue a patch to fix?

You are not alone and I have been having the same problem. I have raised it as far as I can even engaging the direct lead of engagement on Twitter to figure it out. Nothing seems to get their attention to this problem.

Yep, exactly the same since getting series X. And first game after power on will always give this then it’s usually fine but sometimes it happens many times in a row

Here is a whole thread of H5 performing poorly, been trying to reach out to pretty much anyone from 343 I can get my hands on and the are simply just ignoring all messages in regards with Halo 5 on Series X.

Same. Very disappointing my original xbox one handles H5 way better.