Xbox series X specs revealed, infinite news soon?

Today the full specs of the xbox series x were officially revealed by microsoft. For the most part, Infinite is the system seller or at the very least the launch title for the Series X. We most likely have not seen any gameplay due to the fact its tied with the series X. Now that the specs are revealed, people want to see games, and only two have been announced for series x so far, hellblade 2 and Halo Infinte. I think its very possible that Infinites marketing campaign and gameplay reveal are coming up soon. I expect a small campaign teaser accompanied by multiplayer arena gameplay with a beta release date soon and a full campaign reveal at E3. Game Stack live will be held this week ( New Xbox Series X Info Could Come Next Week - GameSpot ). It is a replacement for the canceled GDC but microsoft is dedicating an hour to the series X as you can see in the link. Since all the specs are revealed it is quite interesting to see what they will be talking about and showing. I think 343i will start to show us what they have been working on now. Going by the marketing strategy of the series X, which has been giving us new info about every month, the only thing left is games. Maybe I’m just too hyped but what do you all think.

I don’t think so. I suspect whatever was gonna be shown off at E3 is being saved for whatever live-stream event they’re gonna have. I think they’ll probably still have it around the same timeframe, that early June period.

I hope so but I’m not gonna get my hopes too high . Maybe now that e3 is no longer not happening this year they’ll tease stuff earlier than expected as they reveal stuff for series x

Honestly, I’m not expecting anything Infinite related until June (when E3 was scheduled to occur). That way I can’t get disappointed lol.

That’s when I expect to see something about campaign (finally).

As for the multiplayer, I honestly don’t know. It’s March and we still don’t even know when the beta will occur. It’s obvious that 343i isn’t interested in something similar to the Halo 5 beta given how much closer we are to launch.