Xbox series X, Halo Infinite Stutter lag

Is it just me or does the game have a stutter lag issue, I am wired and I have no packet loss or anything. Is it the game or me? Am I the only one stuttering as if my character wants to time travel?


Stutter and lag are server-side, if your own connection is ideal and working properly.

Yea, I’m getting some warp in my games too. So frustrating at times :frowning: . I don’t get this much trouble in MCC.

The thing is, I get rubber banding, and stutter. It never affects my friends, but im wired and have no connection issues. So if its server side then why is it just me?

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Again, it’s related to your connection.

Out of curiosity, what kind of ping are you getting in your matches? Because it very well could also be that you’re being matchmade outside of your server region.

If not that, then what do your upload and download speeds look like?

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I know alot about internet related issues, and in general about it. I can’t see my ping in game, but I know usually in other games if its east coast like I am. Its 9-15 MS. My ethernet cord is most likely faulty, so will invest in a new, but the stuttering is on the games end, the rubber banding isnt, I found out I have a 2% packet loss, which indicates a faulty cord, “Usually.”

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Yeah, crap happens with wired networks. Good thing you found the problem though!

By the way, Cat6 offers better stability at higher bandwidths than Cat5e. You didn’t say anything about the type of cable, but I thought I’d recommend it anyways :]

I play on Series X in Oceania and unfortunately as there is no specific option to toggle regions it’s just pure luck where I end up. Most of the time it’s on a server further away so if my enemies are sponging my shots and I get the odd stutter, I 100% know its caused from latency to the server because of the distance.

Hopefully 343 don’t drop the ball a second time and take years to add a region selection.

It may be a connection issue. I play on a series X and haven’t had any issues.

Yup. No problems here either on a wired connection. OP shouldn’t play on WiFi (nobody should unless a wired connection is not possible).

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