Xbox Series S: Halo Infinte Arena Impressions

I only played one day but here are some things that stand out:

  • Radar range detection needs to increase dramatically.

(Worst radar detection in modern gaming at the moment. People are a couple of steps away and you still can’t see them. Radar is useless in it’s current form.)

  • Grenade throw distance needs to increase a bit.

(Arm feels a little weak distance wise. Needs strength.)

  • Commando automatic fire needs to be removed. Rate of Fire needs to decrease a bit.

(Skill gap should be perserved by pulling the trigger. Rate of Fire doesn’t feel quality.)

  • Melee lunge range needs to increase a bit.

(Lunge feels non existent. Missing melees during fights when enemies are point blank range.)

  • Damage on the AR needs to decrease a bit.

(Rate of Fire on AR is very accessible at distance but decrease the damage a bit.)

  • BR aim assist needs to increase “JUST A TAD”.

(BR feels good. Takes skill with low aim assist but everyone should be able to use it at all levels. Use H5 Legendary H2 BR sound design for Infinite. Trust)

  • Reticle on the Sidekick needs to decrease in size. Rate of Fire needs to decrease a bit.

(Reticle is too big for no reason. Rate of Fire feels spammy. Doesn’t feel good to use.)

-Needler “Supercombine” needs crystal sounds.

(You know what the OG Needler sounds like.)

-Gravity Hammer swing animation start up needs to increase.

(Feels like it takes forever just to hit someone.)

  • Slide animation start up needs to increase a bit.

(Should be “Near” instant. Delay is too long.)

-Grapple hook use needs to be nerfed.

(Had a guy grapple hook all match lile he was spider-man and was rocketing my whole team with the SPNKR like this was Unreal Tournament. His movement was map breaking and we couldn’t kill him as he would escape everytime. Was funny but needs to be looked at. Should have stay in campain only imo.)

-Equipment was useless.

(I didn’t feel like I needed to use any equipment. The only thing I was concerned about picking up was Guns, Grenades, Power Ups and Power Weapons. I barely saw any equipment on the map and probably ran past it most of the time. I feel like it’s irrelevant imo.)

-Armor customization coloring

(Im not excited about the colors you have provided. I want to be all black or black & red like I have been forever, I should be able to color it when I want and how I want. Unlocking colors now? Put the color choices back asap. This is horrible because it’s gimmick MTX.)

-Battle Pass & store feels lacking.

(I already saw you put the “Aviator” Helmet in the Battle Pass and your putting “Armor Colors” and “Weapon Skins” in the store. We know what your trying to do. Im not going to buy an “EVA-8” armor set for $5 in the store. If thats your plan, prepare to get review bombed to hell 343i. Ima tell you right now… They better be all new armors. No re-skins or re-names to confuse new players. No testing the waters to make similar “Variants” to already existing base armors, none of that bs. It’s already bad enough you did the color unlockables.)

Hmmm, thats about it. Hope BTB next Friday will be good.