Xbox refund denied, although the game was falsely advertised

I would like to request a refund directly from 343 for halo infinite’s campaign as the leader of halo 5 said there would be co-op campaign for halo 6 on launch

This is clearly false advertising since they had no intention of getting it out on release since they didn’t delay the game again, and now they’ve delayed co-op twice

Eagerly awaiting 343’s response. Thank you preemptively for the full refund.


This might sound like I’m joking or something, but I am entirely serious and will be following this up with legal action from my lawyers if this isn’t resolved.


You aren’t going to get a refund by asking for one here, buddy. You’re going to be very disappointed if you’re waiting for 343 to respond to you.


Just get Johnny Cochran as your lawyer.


Bruh. With the way they are greedily requesting $6.00 worth of points for a COLOR, do you really think they will give you this as a refund? They will blame covid, or the ‘we need a break too’, even though they have had 6 years to do this, and you will not get a refund. If you bought via steam, you may get away with it, depending on the number of hours you’ve put into it, but I highly doubt it.


I once used countless hours to find a scammer and get him arrested for theft

I am crazy and if I put my mind to it when I am wronged I can do anything. 343 will give me my refund eventually. It’s just the long game


That was meant to be towards you lol

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If your refund is denied, you can always have your credit card company dispute the charge.


What is advertised and what is said in videos are two different things. If it doesn’t say it on the box or actual adverts then there’s nothing.


If you want a refund you’d have to take that up with whomever you bought the game from. Nothing about this will lead to any fruitful discussion