Xbox Preview - Halo: Reach FREE Beta Disc STOPPED WORKING

I had previously taken part in Microsoft’s Dashboard Beta Test, and they gave me a free copy of Halo Reach. I hadnt played it in a while, and when I did the disc is now saying the update given keeps it from being playable. I called Microsoft and they just directed me to this forum for some kind of solution or free download… If someone could please tell me what to do with this “Halo Reach Microsoft Confidental Beta Preview Disc” I would so thank you for it…


Can we get a mod up in this -Yoink-?

> Can we get a mod up in this -Yoink!-?

Dude, chill. It’s been 10 minutes. We can’t be everywhere at once…

OP, send a pm to bs angel about your issue. Just know it’ll likely take her a few days to get back to you.

When those beta discs became unusable, MS sent a free download code to download the game to your HD. There should be an email that you received that contains a code to download the game.