Xbox preview halo reach disc

I have still not received my email yet, anyone else have this problem?

“”"On September 21st, we rolled out a Title Update for Halo: Reach. Over the course of the day, both retail disc owners and Games on Demand users were prompted to download it. The Halo: Reach “preview disc” (a small amount of these discs were given to certain community members) cannot be updated with a conventional TU, though. Firstly, apologies to the folks who participated in the limited Microsoft “preview disc” program and now, after downloading the TU, have a malfunctioning disc copy of Reach. That’s the bad news. The good news is that we have a solution coming soon for those affected, and while it will take some time to organize and communicate the solution to the afflicted, it is an elegant and practical fix that may even provide a nicer experience.

The fix will be that we will email each of the affected participants a Games on Demand code to redeem for a downloadable copy of Reach. The TU will work, the added features will work and more importantly, the game itself will work. However, we will reiterate that since we’re solving this in real-time, it will take longer to address than is ideal, especially if you’re impatient to play. Please bear with us while we work on the email list and generation of the codes. One thing we will note at this time is that the fix will REQUIRE that you have some form of storage on your Xbox 360 – ideally an HDD, but a capacious and appropriate USB device will also work. We expect to get all the codes out to players sometime next week."""

They should have been delivered ~3 months ago. They were basically all sent at the same time.

For reference: You are awesome 343/Microsoft!

What I can suggest is:

Check your spam folder
Search for sender: (Also, this is probably a no-reply email, do not attempt to send email there.)
Make sure you are looking at the right email address that is linked to the WLID that was registered for the Spring 2011 Preview Program
If all else fails, tweet @XboxSupport. (Odds are they will not be able to help you, but it’s worth a try.)[/li]

@bsangel or @halowaypoint on twitter…she should be able to hook you up if you really havent had your code after all this time.

I have not recieved code and microsoft is no help i am really pissed

> I have not recieved code and microsoft is no help i am really pissed

Contact bs angel about the issue, she helped people a few months back with this, make sure you can provide proof you were in the Preview Program which allowed you to have the preview disk.

I’d be happy to look into the status of your code. Please private message me the email address associated with your Preview Disc Program account.