Xbox or Playstation?

What’s better in your opinion?

Base it off of overall quality of both consoles. Or because of the look? It’s all up to you It’s your opinion! Please no arguing!

In my personal opinion, Xbox is better.

Between Halo and Playstation, I pick Halo. Was there ever a debate?

Wii U

The only playstation I ever played on was the playstation 2, I was 4 years old and when I had found out that I had played on it rather the original xbox i couldn’t sleep for a week.

Just kidding, Im not going to give up Halo for God of War no matter what.

Right, because every console war thread to date hasn’t ended in fanatical crap throwing between the two deluded armies? Please, for the love of all that is good in life, don’t make threads encouraging the console wars; they are useless.

If by overall quality of the consoles you mean like the machines themselves, I would say PS4 I don’t think there’s much debate there since it’s definitely more powerful. Whether game developers use both machines to their full potential and we end up seeing significant differences that’s a topic for another day I guess. However, if you throw games into the debate, I’d pick Xbox One with my eyes closed. And don’t even get me started with the controller, I used to be a PS guy (other than handhelds and my Mega Drive/Genesis my first gaming consoles were PS1 and PS2), but once I picked up a 360 controller I simply couldn’t go back to the dualshock whatever its name is nowadays.

Xbox all my life. It created Halo, the best game ever!

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> Wii U

Die heretic.

Hmmm, a wonder which will win!

Which is better depends on what you play. I play Halo. Therefore, playstation = fail. I’m sure it’s a very nice console, but completely useless for my purposes.

I choose PC!!! (jk)

I choose xbox, the controllers are 100000x better and they have waaay better exclusives.

I go for Xbox since it has been a long time (from 2004 IIRC) dream owning one one for me and my kid to play HALO. Never have played a PS but Wii we played a lot in the past…

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I choose android. Where else can you find hd graphics that fit in your pocket? And for under 100 bucks? If only someone would make a functional Xbox emulator and a waterproof charger I would never leave the bathroom again. I only bought an Xbox because halo.

Anyone else here not know what either a playstation or xbox is :expressionless: