Xbox One X Splitscreen is broken in many ways

I think I’ve played through every Halo campaign in One FATs / S previously in splitscreen without any issues, but I played with a friend in my One X and there are LOT of issues:

  • We tried Halo CE’s The Silent Cartographer, performance was pretty bad (max 30FPS, lots of input lag, framerate was sometimes unplayable so we just played through it with the old graphics). Even the Pelican that ends the mission didn’t landed where it should, it was just stuck in the air and we had to reload the checkpoint. - We tried Halo 2’s Delta Halo with pretty much the same result, it looked locked to 30FPS, input lag didn’t seem so bad but we just didn’t wanted to keep playing so I don’t know if the performance would flop later. - While Halo 3 and Reach’s BTB multiplayer was working correctly, and Halo 4’s Ragnarok, Halo 4’s Wreckage bloom from the clearest areas in the floor was blinding us, we literally couldn’t see parts of the scenario and enemies because the bloom went crazy for the whole match (I have a 30 seconds record of this).
    I’ve never had lots of bugs but splitscreen works terrible, at least on One X.