Xbox One X, game refuses to launch constantly

So I’m on my one X, I’ve owned the game since launch and played a ton of it.

Recently however it just wont even get to the creative assembly logo, I click on the game and it goes to a black screen, then back to the dashboard. Sometimes after repeated attempts (10 or more) it might launch, but sometimes it just won’t, and I’m unable to play.

I’ve tried full uninstall/reinstall, complete shut down of the console, normal console restarts, launching other games and then trying HW2 again, but nothing consistently works.

I absolutely love the game, and consider it one of this gens best, but this is infuriating.

I come home from work hoping to get a few matches in, and it’s totally random if I’m allowed to even get it to open, that doesn’t even include the times where online games disconnect me or teammates once it actually does open.

Any ideas? This is a fairly recent thing as far as I can tell, and it’s awful. I want to play this fantastic game that I paid for (twice-once physical and once digital) and it just doesn’t open