The Xbox One Preview Program is a beta. By joining this program you’re acknowledging that updates are extremely likely to have bugs in them. Your console may not function properly after joining the program, and that is normal. Party invites might not work, your xbox may crash, you may experience connection issues, your pins may not load, or a myriad of other issues may occur. This is normal. If you don’t want to experience any of those issues, then you should not join the program.
if you are wondering how it works: I add your gamertag I go in the preview app, and select your gamertag to be invited (It says we will let them know soon) You will eventually receive a message from XBOX that includes a code for you to redeem for the Preview App. From there you can enroll and enjoy the features It could take 24 hours, it could take a week. I’m not in control of when you will get in.

My gamertag is : MLXee

Hey my GT is HARDKORE PUNK, could you please add me to the Preview Program?

whats up man
ive been trying to get in for ages could u add me to it plz !!!

Hey! Any chance you could invite me also? I will be eternally grateful. Thank you!

My gamertag is: jasperdroberts

Can I get an invite? Would greatly appreicate it. Gamertag: Darth Troll3r

My gamer tag is Vipahhhh I would love an invite

If you could invite me great I’ll pass it on to my friends GT: ATOMIC SNIPER95

It would be greatly appreciated if you could send me an invite.

GT. FuriosD25

Thanks in advance.

can i get an invite? GT: ROGELIO23918

Love to join and be greatly appreciated for a invite GT is Big Ben 2627


An invite would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

the l is a capital i
if i could get an invite you would have by gratitude

I would love to have an invite. EvolExecutioner

Hey man, I hope you’re still giving out invites. My GT is MendicantBerger. Thanks a lot if you find the time to go through with it! I’ll send a friend request your way as well.

I would love to join my GT is OutlawDT

But late to the party but hopefully your still doing invites, GT is Northern Budda.

Hi could I please get an invite to preview programme. GT: DannyBoy82. Thank you.

My GT is JakeNades and thanks for doing this!

My GT is JakeNades and thanks for doing this!

MY GT is Jack Sparrow25 if I could get an invite man I’d be very grateful!