xbox one preorder help

Hey everyone I am in need of some assistance. So i want to preorder the xbox one, but, seeing that i can no longer do that at Best Buy, Amazon, and gamestop, i will have to do it at Walmart, Target, or Microsoft store itself.

I have tried doing some research around the web to find out if I would be able to just put a small down payment on it or if i would have to pay the full $500. I found out that if i were to preorder it from either of those places, i would not be charged until the console actually ships.

My question is:
Would i be able to preorder the console if I currently have less than 500 in my bank account? I know i will have the money in my account by the time it ships, but am unsure if they would allow me to do this.

Wrong place but…

I pre-order from Amazon, and you aren’t charged till it ships, and it will be at the lowest price it ever was before it was releasef. That’s all I know. Hope I helped :]

well i made it in the general discussion at first and it got moved here…but ya i get that i dont get charged until it ships but would i be able to preorder it if say my current account balance is lower than the 500 dollars that the console actually costs

I don’t know about the USA but in Australia most people preorder though our biggest game store EB Games with a small deposit (around $80 AU I think it was).

Well at moment it’s not a good idea to buy next gen console’s at launch because they tend to go down in price sometime in january, well for me I’m mainly hoping on the Halo Xbox One Limited edition console to turn up since not really in a rush to get Xbox One until decent games come out, happy enough playing on 360 till then. (Alway’s believed graphic’s aren’t everything since it’s about the story, the gameplay)