Xbox One group

This Social group, The Shadow Brethren, is made for the kind of Xbox One gamers that are looking to have fun playing a lot of co operative games and occasionally competitive but my focus is not a competitive or E sports kind of environment at all.
As leader of this group I’m looking for an environment where we all can have fun playing a variety of games with lots of laughter and a variety of conversations so we can all become friends and not just team members, I want us all to trust one another.
It will be a small group of members so I can actually know who you are and remember your name.

Joining requirements
This is an Xbox One only group.
You must have a Mic. We’re communicating through Xbox Live Parties.
Three required games are Halo: the Master Chief Collection, GTA 5, and Minecraft these games are the most activities will be hosted. But we will definitely play and host other games whenever more things come out such as SW Battlefront, Halo 5, The Division so we can keep having our play experience fresh and hardly ever dull.
You must have a plan on how to get your xbox live gold every year, I dont want to see people drop out just because they ran out of gold.
You must be 17 years old or older to join, immature conflicts and arguments will not be tolerated if were to enjoy and communicate the best out of this group.
This group like video games itself is a privilege not a priority, I highly understand when you have something more important to be doing than video games I am a student who has a job, for example, so I know how less important video games can become when life gets in the way.
I seek Joy, Politeness, Trust, and Maturity out of everyone if I believe this group is to remain strong and enjoyable.

How to Join
Message My gamertag NEW NOBLE (just how its spelled, spaced, and capitalized) with a message saying your interested in joining the Shadow Brethren. When I call a meeting for group rule establishments that means you’ve been selected as members and must follow the rules I establish.
I might sound highly formal when I establish the rules and though formal never best describes my personality I and everyone else must take the time to be serious about the rules I’ll set for there will be consequences.
Im excited of all the new people I’ll meet and I believe in this group to get the most entertainment out of our Xbox One consoles if we play it right.

I’ll join I have a Madden lgs I’m in that take my time sometimes but I want to find new people to play with on halo and other games my gt is PoDxLegacyx I’m 19 also hit me up

So does one need to have all 3 games to join or just 1 of the 3 required games?