Xbox - nowhere to go, have added youtube

Hi I am a newbie to Halo. I have just bought my xbox and am going through Halo Anniversary. A bit of a strange game as all I seem to do is shoot things. I can see there is a story within it, but I was told before I bought Halo4 to buy this as it would explain Halo 4. Anyway, I have a problem in that the I have followed the floating ball thing up to a point where we have gone up a lift and I have killed all the transformed bodies. I am not sure how to explain very well where I am as such so I have found a youtube that will show you.
But after killing everything I have nowhere to go. On the video it shows the is a slope that drops and that slope on my game is closed. So I am stuck, I have nowhere to go. So how do I deal with this besides chucking it in the bin? Looking forward to hearing your answers


Just to add, that the chief seems to throw grenades without me doing anything and it goes to standby without me doing anything. What do I mean by standby? It goes to the page where you save etc without me doing anything. Forgive me not remembering names etc I live on over 300mg morphine a day. I use gaming as a way to take my mind away from the awful pain I have to endure daily

I honestly haven’t got a clue what your on about.

However, the thing about Chief throwing grenades randomly is probably down to having voice controls active through your Kinect, it happens to me sometimes.

Okay. but I decided to restart the scene. Now that I have blown up one plasma whatsit I have to find the other and I am completely lost. There doesn’t seem to be many pointers in this game as to where to dam well go. All I keep doing is being killed, which deflates the point of doing the game

Are you working on a Creepypasta? Because you need some more indepth explanations for it to work right.

First, what difficulty is this? I’ve gotten stuck in CEA on the Library once like this, but restarting or reverting should fix it. Honestly, you’re not explaining this well, so we really can’t help you unless you elaborate more.

Sorry man, we need a bit more details to help you out. Explain a bit more or look at the many Halo Anniversary Walkthroughs on YouTube and follow them, if you’re still having trouble.

In Anniversary, there are a lot of blue arrows on the floors. Most of the time (not all the time) if you’re lost, you should let them be your guide to get to your destination :wink:

To find out the full story of Halo, you have to go in order:

Halo Wars
Halo: Reach
Halo: CE
Halo 2
Halo 3: ODST
Halo 3
Halo 4

True, but Halo Wars isn’t quite the best for new Halo players.