Xbox & MS Support Failed: Cant Install Halo DE

what a disaster – i got my halo DE code today, and redeemed it on Xbox One, then no game showed up. i then tried re-redeeming the code manually (yes i read the stickies in this forum) on /, and the store app in windows. nothing. i uninstalled Halo Wars 2 preorder along with everything that came with it, and reinstalled. still nothing.

i resort to Xbox support, then the rep from xbox says it’s a MS store issue. i contact MS store, they send me back to xbox, all for 2 hours of back and forth. the xbox rep is almost “sure” halo DE isn’t installing because i was part of the preview program (i knew this was BS though) but i decided to just take a shot in the dark and did a clean wipe on the console. after booting up, still no download of halo DE.

the only thing i have on xbox one is a 10mb download for halo DE, which is probably just a placeholder for the preorder? im never offered a big download for the game.

also, when i try to install it on a PC that meets the requirements, it says “Try again later. Something happened on our end”.

i already tried Xbox Live and MS Store support, both canned responses and just a waste of time.

please help me. my code now says redeemed already also, even with all methods of redeeming.

this got resolved somehow, more details here: