Xbox Live Question Help!

This is unrelated to Halo 4, but I just don’t know of any other forums and it deals with Xbox Live.

I was playing today and I lost connection to Xbox Live and my profile was signed in elsewhere. I quickly signed back into Xbox Live without a problem and the proceeded to change my password. What I want to know is if this is a glitch or if someone actually was able to get into my account and if I’m still in danger. Thanks.

I’ll move this to General Discussion for you, so it doesn’t get buried here. Hope you get an answer.

(I think that there is an official Xbox Support forum that you can try, s well.)

Any relatives you know that knows your account details/details is saved on their console and they might of signed into your account by accident, causing you to sign out.

If not then i suggest changing your password, which you already have done, but you can also contact microsoft support.

Either twitter, or live chat/forums.