Xbox live epic fail

When the servers go down on Xbox live messes with the game. Really annoying that the console people at microsoft don’t have their crap together this is the second time I’ve come across this issue. Microsoft needs to fix the Gaming side of the house or they need to withdraw from the console scene and just let Japan own it with Playstation and Nintendo. Not pretend to fix issues with band aid solutions and not seek out new tech servers or other companies who can provide better support.

  1. Why is this on the Halo forums?
  2. I don’t actually know your issue because you arenot explaining yourself.
  3. I am assuming Xbox live had a prolbem while you were playing Halo 5, which is mostly an online game now, so acrually it’s the developers vault.

lol what did I just read? The superiority complex is strong with this one.

XBL goes down from time to time just like PSN (and occasionally Steam)
And Nintendo (if they had proper online that is…) -Yoink- happens.

Someone doesn’t know what they’re talking about. If you knew anything about that side of work, you’d know that things honestly just happen.

Things go down sometimes and it can take a minute to fix or hours of troubleshooting the issue to find the problem and a solution.

…Just, just wow.