Xbox Live Down

Xbox Live is down. Which means every game isnt working and if it is it’s limited. Im assuming this is a good thing for us halo fans. They should have took the server down a long time ago. Xbox Live status update wont tell us why the server went down, but everyone can assume it’s because of Halo MCE.

This could be them implementing the 5 PST update they were talking about. Lets hope this fixes things.

I believe the only way to fix the problem it to shut off the xbox live matchmaking server down for a couple hours. Lets hope there doing that. Thats how they fixed it back in the good ol days.

Xbox Live is working perfectly fine

Just signed in after rebooting no problem. Just loaded Advanced Warfare so I’ll confirm this in 1 sec, stay tuned.

Just logged into AW multiplayer and no problems. Confirmed: OP is a scumbag.

They need to bring it all down and fix it already.

Nothing is working on my xbox accept netflix. Part chat is down and im getting normal status code when it goes down. Xbox live status website says service is limited for matchmaking and party chat. Which is not working for me. East Coast

I’ve been getting error messages when I try to select matchmaking playlists in the last 20 minutes, and that’s the first time this has happened. I’m pretty sure they’re patching pieces right now.

The status message is -Yoinking!- hilarious though. They act like something caused this issue, when we all know there trying to fix the problems with halo.

No issues with live for me today(well cept for not getting into halo mcc games) playing titanfall rite now.