Xbox insider hub issue, no available halo infinite perview

I just got my email for the flight
But i can’t join the preview in xbox insider hub
For a strange reason it doesn’t show up
But i still had my halo infinite insider app installed after the first flight for the game
I tried to restart my xbox and that doesn’t work either
I also tried force shut my xbox while i was holding the power button
But it doesn’t work to and also i can’t update my halo infinite insider app to
It’s 258mb
Can somebody please help me find the solution?

Does anything in here help?

I still have the same problem
I won’t show me halo infinite insider under previews in the xbox insider app

I have the same issue here :confused:

I have this same issue but for PC. I have infinite downloaded throught the xbox app using gamepass. And I have the insider also. But I don’t see anything.

Same issue here on an Xbox One X. I uninstalled the Halo Infinite Insider app after it failed to start so I could reinstall it, but now it is not showing up on the Xbox Insider Hub App Previews tab.
Anyone figure it out?

The same thing happened to me but I half solved it by going to my games then to the complete library and go to all the games you own and there comes out halo Infinity insider

same issue here, halo insider didnt work, unistalled , doesnt appear in hub

Was there any fix to this issue?
I have the exact same issue but I think nobody cares.