Xbox Halo Mcc Gaming Community

Im looking for a lot of active halo players on the mcc for xbox as the title states. I have a club called HALOS REVIVAL. I plan on trying to make an active group new currently have over 70 members and looking to grow. The group will have weekly giveaways based on top 10 clips submitted from the week or from game nights I plan on hosting every weekend once I get all the custom games I believe I need. I hope to bring a community together where everyone can find people to play with and have fun at the same time. If your interested add Jski9050 and join the HALOS REVIVAL club on xbox.

The top 10 series every week will run from Monday-Saturday everyone can enter thats in the group, it will include top tens of:
random wtf moments

prizes will be awarded too 2 of the top spots every week and that will consist of a month of game pass or $15 xbox live code

hope top see you there and lets build halo back up.

P.S. I would prefer if you are 17+