Xbox Halo infinite, servers off line?

Hello all Just a quick question and Apologies if it’s in the wrong forum section, but once my Multilayer flights went offline I was able to Continue to log into Halo Infinite Insider and still play academy against bots. Is the reason my game prompted me with ’ your account is not authorised to play’ message because the servers are offline in preparation for the next flight come this weekend or has something gone wrong here?

I’m still authorised according to the xbox insiders hub, and here on the way point Beta pages too.

Thanks and happy flighting!

It’s offline meaning no more till next flight

Thanks capt! Was hoping it was as clear as that and nothing like an unauthorised headache inducting issues😎

Yeah it ran a little late think it was supposed to end at 6PM UK time but I was playing at about 6:45PM.

It has now ended and will be back on Thursday evening/Friday morning depending on your timezone. You’ll be able to play weapon drills and training once it is live again and then they will have big team PVP on the new map Fragmentation during the set playing windows (just like this weekend was).

The Halo Infinite Technical Preview is now offline, but will return on the evening of September 30th [PT]. A specific time has yet to be announced. There is no need to delete or uninstall your build.