Xbox getting crapped on by PC,, still no block feature..?

[Reserved for video clips of obvious stupid evidences, stats, etc in process of making]

Holy hell just ADD THE PC BLOCK FEATURE BACK ON XBOX. WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF IF ADD PC BLOCK FEATURE??? Just give us the ability to have a fair fun fight, I mean is it that bad you’re gonna go so far to keep losing Xbox players by forcing em to keep getting crapped on by PC players???

What’s stopping from adding block feature, I mean, how much $ are you willing to accept thatll satisfy your wallet out of forcing Xbox players with PC? I have soooo many questions I need answered atleast answer them, it’s not like the world will end if you answer it or add block feature is it???

I really want to know how much $ being made by forcing Xbox with PC and having Xbox players quitting, is it that much of a cash cow forcing that method that it doesn’t slightly effect the Xbox players quitting…? Or is the cash cow starting to hurt with Xbox quitting and planning on adding block feature…?

I just wanna have fun, not constantly taken advantage of by cheaters & bombarded… :sob: but mostly… I need to know… why forced… And how much $ being made so I know if it’ll ever be added or if the Xbox players are screwed…

Had to make this topic now because I noticed I’m getting matched up against full team of PC constantly getting crapped on with Xbox players always being put on my team or rarely PC players, I’m at the 16th loss in row deranked diamond 5 to about to derank to diamond 1 yaaaay!!!. For some reason lots of Xbox players are dissappearing lately so… not surprising why they stopped playing but it really sucks I’m getting a hard on from losing non stop to PC players just holy hell…

Can check my match history, 95% serious high k/d is always the PC, 95% seriously horrible k/d is always the Xbox players :grin: go ahead check the gamertags​:+1:

Shouldnt even have to bother checking PC players know it and Xbox players know it… when is this gonna get added lmao…


I will also be posting every ranked matches I/my Xbox teammate losing hard to PC players stats, k/d, and gamertag for each match soon, and I will keep updating until I get a answer :slight_smile: