Xbox elite or Scuf Controller, anyone got one

I only discovered this yesterday and I’m very much interested in getting one when back in stock, everywhere is sold out right now.

Anyone else here got one, getting one, used one?, would like to know your opinion (Scuf and MS gear both appear to do the same thing technically),

Also, any players disapprove of using one because of the edge it can give a player?,

I want that edge, almost like when a Super Hero has some extra perk for his power suit, helps them take down the bad guys and there are tons of bad guys in Halo

They are worth it I have a scuf

Ive had the elite controllew since Halo 5 came out. I highly reccomend it. The button Remapping just comes in so handy, you dnt have to worry about The controller layouts anymore.
and as for the deadzone issue, it doesnt bother me since I have Left my sensivity at 7 in game and From the Remaping app which is the accessory app, I just tweaked my controller’s sensivity from there. So Yes if you are planning to get one, I would highly recommend it.
It takes some getting used to the paddles in the back, provably like A Day or two since the paddles are very sensitive. But once you get the hang of it, it is worth it

i’d go for the elite controller, I’ve owned scufs for a while now happy to switch over to a little bit cheaper one made by Microsoft

I can’t afford either of those. :’(

I have an Early X1 Scuf, not as good as my X360 Scuf, but still better than the standard controller. The Elite controller is more versatile, but lacks the customization options that Scufs have.

button remapping is coming to the xbox console dashboard in a week or 2. so dont buy a controller just because of button remapping.

I dont have either controller…but both seem like they would do the same thing. I heard the elite controller is the better deal. and i think the elite controller looks cooler

There isn’t much reason to get customization beyond the X1 Elite. I have messed around with one but have not bought one. While playing with it, I have decided to get one. I would highly recommend it, if you are willing to part with $150.

More bang for your buck with the Elite but I went with the XIM4 tbh.

I hate controllers all-together for shooters. If I was going to get one, it would be the Elite.

I used to have a Scuf for the 360, loved mine. I want an Elite but at least on Amazon they aren’t expecting to ship out Elites till like Spring 2016…

thanks to all that replied, all pretty much a positive response

i think that i’ll be hunting for the Xbox Elite pad

Scuf all the way. It’s a more rugged design and there’s more options for the look and feel of it. They’re more expensive if you want to get one with all the bells and whistles, but I’ve used both and the Scuf is worth the money 100%.

Now I think I know what to ask for during Christmas this year.

I have both. I like the Elite much better.

After that, the next thing to get if you really wanna step your game up is a gaming monitor. I just got the BENQ XL2430T. It’s overkill for consoles, but it’s built like a tank. Check out the BENQ RL2455. They’re the best bang for the buck.

I have a scuf and an elite. I play on bumper jumper and never have to take my thumbs off the sticks. It’s great.

I currently have an extra elite controller. I purchased one and then purchased the console. I’m selling it if anybody is interested