Xbox elite controller,

This thread is for fellow elite controller owners. I just got mine and i am pondering what setups you guys have chosen? What stick setup? Their sensitivity?. I am still messing around with this are their any more settings i am missing?

Good post. I want to get one. Interested in the feedback.

You’ll find mine and more, here.

Two small paddles on the top of each side, Crouch on the Left, Thruster on the right. This is what I use, you can crouch strafe and its super effective. I play Bumper Jumper btw.

I start with the default control scheme, have jump on upper left paddle, crouch on lower left paddle, thruster on upper right, and weapon swap on lower right. I also set the right thumb stick (click) to reload. I never have to my thumbs this way and it’s great. I use the longer thumb stick on the right, normal one on the left and have my sensitivity to 7. You may find a different sensitivity to be better but you should at least be able to set it a bit higher than you normally would. The paddles and everything were very weird to get used to but it starts to feel pretty natural after about a week, so it may require some patience. I played campaign first to get used to it.

Keen to see different setups, I have never played anything apart from default

Interested in what other people have for their setups on the elite controller. I’m planning on getting mine around Christmas time. Also, what are people’s opinions on kontrol freeks?